A quick intro to Harold JS

Harold (create-harold-app) is a simple tool that provides a ready-to-use template for creating your static websites and blogs. It is based on well-known Handlebars, Markdown and Scss to be simple to use and start. Markdown parsing is possible thanks to unified.

What can you do with it?

For example, with Harold and services like Netlify you can build your blog and website in a fraction of time. You’ll get a nice responsive design and a built-in search engine based on Lunr and indexed posts content. You can build small and medium websites, blogs, documentation sites, landing pages.

This whole website is built using Harold.

Adjust styles, pages, post layouts, and frontend JavaScript logic.

You can change whatever you want. Do this in the src directory. Harold will compile everything and put it in the build directory. In the build directory, you’ll find a ready-to-deploy project.

When to use it

  • when you want to build a static website/blog with simple search functionality (default theme)
  • when you want to build a small (maybe medium) site or blog
  • when you don't want to use any big and complicated solution
  • when you know how to use the Handlebars template system
  • When not to use it

  • when you want to build something significant (not tested with big projects, tested with over 120 markdown files, works quite fast)
  • when you don't want to use Scss (you can still write standard CSS in .scss files)
  • when you want to rely on something which has its community
  • Let's start here!

    Templates demos

    Some links